3 Practical Tips for Finding Your Ideal Burnaby Condo


So you've decided you want to purchase a Condo in Burnaby.  Now what?  Where should you start and how do you find the right Condo for your money?  Well look no further!   Here are 3 practical tips for finding your ideal Burnaby Condo.


TIP #1 Know What You Want Beforehand:


As with any purchase you really need to take some time to sit down and consider what your must haves are.  Take a piece of paper and write out 7 things you want in a Condo. Then take those 5 items and put them in a priority sequence with #1 being the most important to you.  


Do the same exercise regarding which 3 Burnaby neighborhoods you would like to find a place in.  Doing this exercise before you start will really help you to narrow down your search and will help you to have a clear view of what is important to you and what isn’t.  After looking at a few places or listening to advice from a Realtor you may change some of these priorities, but the key is to have something well in mind to start with.  


TIP #2 Be Realistic:


Of course this sounds like common sense, but we have to have realistic expectations. It can be a rare thing to find a place that “ticks all of your boxes".  Some compromise will likely be needed. It’s for this reason that you need to do the exercise in TIP #1 and prioritize your wants.  Perhaps one place will tick numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 on your list but doesn’t give you numbers 1 and 2.  Because you have given careful thought to how important those items are before you began you will have a much easier time when it comes time to decision making.   Having the ability to be realistic and act quickly can mean the difference between winning and losing your dream condo.



TIP #3 Have Your Financing "Locked and Loaded":


Once again advanced preparation regarding your financing will make your search much easier down the road.  Talk to your Mortgage Professional right away and find out what you can afford. In fact, your financing is one of the most important things you need to have in place before you start looking.  Also it is very important to ensure you include any closing costs in your budget so you have a true idea of what you can afford.



In summary advanced preparation is a surefire way to make the process for easier for you. It will allow you and your realtor to be able to act decisively when the right condo comes along and will also help make your search a more efficient and enjoyable experience.  






 By Brad Gannon - brad@vanrealty.ca



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