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If your thinking of buying a house in the Highgate Burnaby Area then here are some of the latest figures to keep you up to date on the current market in the Highgate Burnaby area;

Highgate Burnaby Area Detached Home Stats From Jan 1 2013 to Feb 7 2013 (compiled by**


Since the beginning of the new year in the Highgate area there have been 12 new detached house listings in the Highgate Burnaby Area. Prices range from $529,800 - $1,448,000


The smallest house  currently for sale in the Highgate Area is 2125 square feet, priced at $909,000, and is 52 years old.


The largest house currently for sale in the Highgate area is 4004 square feet priced at $1,099,000 and is 17 years old.


The newest house for sale in the Highgate area is 1 year old  and is  located on Linden Ave priced at $1,448,000.

The oldest house for sale in the Highgate area is 93 years old and is listed at $529,800.


 Since Jan 1 2013 there have been no houses sold in the Highgate Burnaby Area.


In the last 365 days  there were 27 houses  listings sold in the Highgate area. The cheapest sold for $649k (2 bedrooms 1 bath) the most expensive sold for $1.48 million (6 bedrooms 5 bath).





In South Burnaby in the last 365 days there were 348 detached houses sold.


In South Burnaby there are currently 223 active detached house listings.








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