Tips To Help Your Home Sell in a Slow Market

If your house has been sitting a little too long on the market or even if you’ve just listed here are some great tips for standing out from the competition.

Mow your lawn.

This seems basic, but keeping up with yard maintenance, makes a huge impact, and sets the tone for the condition of your home. Even if its a rental property, if you want to sell when things are a little slower you HAVE to put some effort into  presentation. It might suprise you how easy it actually is to keep on top of the yard once you’ve got the worst of it done. Do some weeding in key areas surounding the pathway to your house, its doesn’t cost anything, takes minimal tools and shows that you care about the property. Plant some colorful 99 cent flowers by the front door, suprisingly a lot of people dont do this and it really doens’t cost much.

Clean your gutters

This is another basic, but disgusting dirty and overflowing gutters, sends the message that you’ve really neglected the property and that there could be more hidden problems with the house. This is a job best left to a professional and should be done twice a year minimum. If you really want to save money and do it yourself, proceed with caution.  Make sure you have experience using a ladder, have someone to spot you while you are on the ladder. You will need a ladder, gloves, a scooper of some kind, a pail.Scoop scoop scoop. This will prevent shrubbery from growing out of your gutters, and improper drainage which can cause flooding and mildew in your home.

As for the outsides of your gutters they become stained over time, to get them looking good again, you will need water, bleach and a tucker pole with a scrub brush on the end of it. Be gentle with the gutters, they can come off it you are too rough. Give them a good rinse afterwards.

Clean your windows

This is another task that you can do yourself, or hire a professional. It really doesn’t cost as much as you might think, depending on the size of your house, it can start from as little as $80. Nowadays professionals use ladderless filtered water systems which it yields a streakless sparkling window wth the added bonus of also rinsing your window frames. You may not feel you need to bother since you are selling anyway, but the little things add up to give buyers a great clean impression of your home.

It Makes a Difference

Most buyers cant say for sure what they are exactly looking for. Many times it is just a certain feeling they want to have when they walk into a property. By keeping your home clean, tidy and giving it some special touches you can help buyers feel comfortable with the fact that you care about and maintain your home which can greatly increase your chances of finding a buyer!

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