Top Tips for Selling for selling your home in Burnaby


Selling your Burnaby house or townhome? Here are are a few easy to implement tips that can help to give you an edge over your competition.

1. Get the price right from the start.

Realtors say this again and again, with good reason. Starting high with the idea that you can always lower it later is not always the best strategy. The best chance you house has of selling is in its first month or two of listing.  If the price is right it can happen that quick.   Remember, when your house hits the market there is a crowd of buyers that have already seen everything out there and are completely educated on what's available and for what price so they will know immediately if your home is over or underpriced.


When you list you are the "new kid on the block", "the fresh new possibility". Take advantage of this position and be even more tempting by offering good value. If you are overpriced, months could go by without a single showing. At this point everyone knows you have been trying to sell and can’t help wondering what's wrong with that place? You quickly become stale and even realtors sometimes hesitate to view something that’s been listed for ages. If you lower your price and hope to attract back previous viewers, don’t be too hopeful. These buyers have either moved on or mentally associated your home with some negative feeling or emotion and won't be interested.


Our advice? Listen to your realtor on the suggested list price.

2. Declutter & Depersonalize

This is the number 1 thing we tell almost every single listing that is occupied. As realtors we are trained to see a space’s potential no matter what’s covering up the space.  But even we have been blown away by how much more wonderful a home can become when all the clutter is out! People are secretly always hoping they are about to walk into a showroom, even if the space is 32 years old.   So try to think "showhome".


Completely clean empty surfaces, shoes gone, dishes gone, even the fridge should look clean and organized with minimal items (take it from me, everyone looks in the fridge).  All personal pictures (minus tasteful artwork) should be taken down and stored away. Even think about getting rid of  excess furniture even if its very functional, your space will look bigger and less cluttered.  This is a temporary investment that will really pay off.  Make sure closets aren’t stuffed, or smelly in anyway. Offices should look like a beautiful space that you would want to be in. Of course toilet lids always down, laundry, what laundry? Toiletries and cosmetics hidden from view.

3. Clean

This tip is simple enough, but often overlooked. People can be the messiest around but when they are looking to buy someone elses home their standards suddenly go thru the roof! Here are a few key things to watch for;  grout in showers should be white, stovetops and kitchens in general should be spotless. Make sure your home is aired-out, and there are no smells that say "lived-in".  If you're too busy, hire a cleaning company, its a couple hundred bucks that could potentially make you thousands. Strive to create the general impression that you have cared for and maintained your property thru the years.

4. Curb Appeal

If your for sale sign is up outfront, you want to work to have curb appeal.  It is really worth the effort. Cover the basics;  hire a lawn maintenance company to weed, trim, and mow the lawns. Plant some flowers, or potted plants.  Do you best to draw your buyer in and make them have to see the inside because of the outside.

5. Paint

Something neutral and light in color works best like a warm white. Covers up marks and makes a great impact for minimal dollars spent.

Bonus Tip: Buying some beautiful roses and placing two or three in a low cup for your bathrooms. Baking cookies just before a showing.  These little bonus things do make your home more appealing especially if you’ve already done all of the above, go for it!

By following these tips you can make your home more desirable. It gives it that ‘X’ factor that will evoke an emotion in the buyer, and motivate them to act! 

Contributed by

Heather Gannon



Heather is a  Real Estate Agent serving the Lower Mainland and is a contributor for as well as a  marketing consultant with

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